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Safety and Prevention of Polyurethane

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 Polyurethane composition It is a polyol, foam, catalyst and various additives such as the ratio of the best combination. Polyurethane material is suitable for spray coating preparation of high-temperature requirements of cold storage facilities, directly used in the field of foam, liquid with good liquidity, uniform bubble foam products, high strength, low temperature dimensional stability, low thermal conductivity characteristics. Polyurethane composite material Safety and protection:

 1, the use of polyurethane composite material, you must wear rubber gloves, anti-eyepiece and protective clothing, and frequent replacement of gloves, the work environment must be well ventilated, regular inspection equipment to keep clean, the end of the operation, to immediately clean thoroughly.

2, due to the existence of polyurethane composition of low concentrations of additives, such as catalysts, so the combination of a slight toxicity of polyether.
  3, contact with the skin, to be thoroughly washed with soap and water, such as tingling still exists, should seek immediate medical attention.

4, contact with the eye, the application of water for at least 15 minutes, then immediately medical treatment.

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