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Global demand for polyurethane products will continue to rise

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 Fitch Ratings (Fitch Ratings) in a new report that the global demand for polyurethane products from the recession in the rebound.
  TDI is the main raw material of polyurethane soft foam, and soft foam for furniture, car seats and mattress areas. These sectors are cyclical consumption and are closely linked to GDP growth, with Fitch forecasting an international growth rate of 3% in 2011 and 3.3% in 2012.
  MDI as raw material of polyurethane products in 2011-2012 sales will hit a high single-digit growth. These products are mainly used in the field of thermal insulation, polyurethane materials, good insulation properties will enable the companies concerned from the material alternatives to the sustainability and energy efficiency to get additional room for growth.

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